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Because I know Amber might be reading...

And Ashley wanted me to update....

so tadaa! after 31 weeks. i'm back. With a new entry. And a very short one too. ha.


Today was really fun. I bought a scarf and a dvd that I haven't started watching yet. Annnd even though I'm bored and I should start that movie, I don't want to. Cause, of course I enjoy being bored, I mean, it's the best feeling in the world! *sarcasm*

I'm going to miss Ms. Zeng. I dont' even know how to start this letter to her. I need help. ASHLEYY!! I really don't want to write this only because I don't want her to go away. I'm going to kidnapp her. Who's with me? *hinthintnudgenudgeAshley* You're the only person that reads or might read this anyway since I dont' know anyone else who uses this. But I will start looking for Arashi communities and fanfictions...     

I want to type in a different colored font... But I already started this entry in black and a little bit of purple and blue. Next entry, I'll be sort of colorful :] So the food today was awesome. I lvoed the soup and the fried rice adn the noodles and the baozi and the chicken ANDAND all of you :[ I wish Lauren was there, she would have liked the food and the chicken and the shrimp fried rice :D I'm going off on a tangent again. But it was really hot. Ms. Zeng was so sweet--she treated us to drinks :[ I love her<333 We have to visit her after school one day. We all need to hang out together like we did today soon. It was really really fun. 

Ok.. another short entry. i really dont' know what to write ashley.. what did you tell me again when we were waiting for amber? about how she influenced us... and how much she taught us making us successful..what did you say again?

The last day of classes

FIrst entry. And today was the last day of classes. I'm really excited. No, i'm happy. No more stressing over essays. Now, it's all sleeping.
I'm going to miss Mrs. Zeng so much. She's so cute and I love her.

Ok, i'm not in the writing mood today. This is like xanga. Only. I'm going to commit to arashi fansites. =D I'm going to join. When i finish this movie... and I need to friend Ashley...

Now i'm just talking to myself. xD funfun.



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